Utilityman Skip Schumaker didn't allow any runs or give up any hits in his inning of "relief."

Utilityman Skip Schumaker didn’t allow any runs or give up any hits in his inning of “relief.”

Massacres abounded yesterday, with the Phillies creaming the Blue Crew, 16-1, and more layoffs at the Los Angeles Times, where I used to work. It was ugly.

At the Ravine, it was the worst home defeat since the Dodgers played at Ebbets Field. Yeah, that bad. It was so abysmal, Mattingly used utility player Skip Schumaker as pitcher in the ninth. (He did better than Brandon League, by the way.)

Over on Spring Street, the dimwits in charge of the Los Angeles Times (specifically Davan Maharaj, one of the biggest idiots I have ever met, and Marc Duvoisin, who may be an alien) sent a memo around to staff speaking of a “modest staff reduction.” Let me tell you, it is not “modest” when you’re the one having your entire life turned on its head. But those two imbeciles in charge are too stupid to realize how insensitive their language can be. Not only that, but in the same breath, they announced they’re hiring new employees to revamp the website. It makes me want to puke.

So, let’s just forget about Friday, okay? Let’s think of something good, like the fact that one of our Dodger broadcasters was elected to the National Radio Hall of Fame. Oh wait, it was Charley Steiner, who in the wrap-up of yesterday’s game said, “So the Giants scored 16 runs, 21 hits …” I swear it’s true.