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A GONE W WORDSA-Gone gave me a great birthday present last night! Three homers in consecutive at bats, breaking all kinds of records. It was swell. When he came to the plate to lead off the fifth, I said to the hubby, “Here comes a third, for my birthday!” Whack! Out it went. Amazing!

A Gone line 4-8Final score: Dodgers 7, Padres 4.

I kept score, as I often do, although it was difficult, what with strange goings-on at first base.

In the second inning, Jimmy Rollins, in the evening’s only disputed call, reached on an error, but on the board at the stadium it was announced as a single, snazzy graphics and all. It was clearly an error, but it was quite some time before the scoreboard reflected it.

I should totally be the scoreboard operator; they make bonehead errors all the time.

No fresh food for you!
It takes effort to be as negative and cynical as I have become about Dodgers management when a game like that comes around. However, there used to be a salad & sandwich place on the Club Level, where all patrons of Reserved and Top Deck could go. It was great, if you wanted to avoid fries and pretzel dogs for a change. Well, it’s gone, replaced by a shop full of caps. The salads are on the Field Level now, where regular Top Deck and Reserved Level fans are verboten.

I guess those Mercedes-Benz-driving, fly-by-night “fans” on Field Level are the only ones worthy of healthy options.

Clayton Kershaw at Spring Training in Arizona.

Clayton Kershaw at Spring Training in Arizona.

The only good thing going for Dodgers fans is that Clayton Kershaw is ours and ours alone. Every other aspect of being a fan is depressing and hard to even believe.

These owners don’t send us season ticket holders the beautiful printed tickets we used to get (even though season tickets cost twice what they did three years ago), they make us go through online rigamarole just to get a Dodgers Pride Rewards card for our spouse, they treat us like terrorists at the gates of the stadium, they won’t let us watch away games on TV, and now, the ultimate extortion plot, they take away our street parking! Who’s the terrorist now?

The L.A. Times reported today in a Page 1 story, “The number of people watching the games on TV has fallen, from 228,000 a game in 2013 to an average of 56,289 last year — barely more than Dodger Stadium holds. At the same time, stadium attendance has soared. The team sold 3.8 million tickets last year, the most in Major League Baseball, and 3 million tickets were scooped up even before this season began.”

As anyone who came to last year’s games on a regular basis knows, this is flat-out bad reporting, although the Dodgers’ management wishes it were true.

Ticket sales may have soared, because those bastards talked such a good line when they paid way too much for the team that people snapped up season tickets at a record number before the season started, in fact before anyone knew there was going to be a season-long TV problem.

But I’m telling you right now, no way was real attendance anywhere near what it was the year before. In 2013, bobblehead nights turned Dodger Stadium into a zoo! In 2014, on Clayton Kershaw bobblehead night, they didn’t even open all the concession stands, because there was nowhere near a capacity crowd.

Now, attendance will go down once again as people are forced to either pay $20 (TWENTY *%#@ING DOLLARS) for parking or not go to the game at all.

If those greedy pigs (that means you, $tan Ka$ten, Mark Walter$ and Magic John$on) are making so much money NOT showing us games on TV, why can’t they make it a little less unpleasant to see the games in person?

I’m not saying I miss Frank McCourt, but it was better being a frustrated fan then than a disrespected fan now.