That's me with the "Honk to End the Blackout" sign. / Photo by Miguel Vasconcellos, L.A. Register

That’s me with the “Honk to End the Blackout” sign. / Photo by Miguel Vasconcellos, L.A. Register

“Owners Snooze, Fans Lose!” That was the complaint of about  30 diehard Dodger supporters angry over not being able to watch the games on TV. We walked up Sunset Boulevard from the Short Stop bar to the stadium to protest the standoff that leaves 70% of us in the dark.

It may not seem like a lot of people, but it’s twice as many as showed up for our last rally, and we got all the drivers honking to vent their frustration as they drove up to the Ravine for the miserable game. (The Dodgers fell once again to the Pirates, 5-3.) Even the Dodger Express bus drivers chimed in! It was great.

We made a lot of noise! And got a lot of TV coverage and an L.A. Register story.

This is just the start. $tan Ka$ten and his greedy Guggenheim goons will have to sit up and take notice when the next rally gets twice as many people as this one, and so on.

I know, I know. They don’t give a flying fig if fans can see the games at home. They get their blood money from Time Warner Cable either way. But they might start taking notice as the stands start to look as if Frank McCourt had risen from the dead.

Bobblehead nights are not selling out. Concession stands are only half-open or closed altogether during games. Of course, it doesn’t help that the team sucks, but last year they sucked at this point too, and people still came out for the games.

Lip service won’t do anymore, Mr. Ka$ten. You need to do something, and stop hiding in the shadows, avoiding the press and lying about caring about the fans.