Series StatsThere is no logic in baseball. Look at those series stats. On paper, they out-hit us, out-scored us and played better defense. We should not have taken three of four games from the Philadelphia Phillies. But we did.

The Dodgers won a completely comfortable 6-1 victory yesterday, and they all looked relaxed and playful while they were doing it. The problem for the Phillies was that ⅔ of their runs and 40% of their hits were all in the one blowout game on Friday night, whereas the Dodgers spread things out among the other three games. That’s what I’m talking about.

Only four games from the top at the halfway point. Not bad (even though it still is last place). But the momentum of the entire division has shifted, and we are making our move.

I wish the management weren’t such money-grubbing bastards. The Top Deck is and always has been the people’s perch, the home of the truest of True Blue fans. But they have monetized it to where it’s almost as elite as Field Level. What a shame. I’d be going to the ballpark every night to root on this team.