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I got my Mother’s Day wish last night! The Dodgers beat the Padres in a 4-2 nailbiter that was not decided until the very last beautiful solitary strikeout from Caleb Ferguson! We won the series (2nd in a row from those Friars and our 5th series win in a row!), and it was our 14th win in 16 games. BOX SCORE After a 13-13 start to the season, we’re now in 1st Place by 3 games over Arizona. Wow!

Curiously, the night before (Friday, May 12), we also beat San Diego 4-2. I got there late, so I didn’t take score, but Stephen and I had a great time all alone in our topmost row of the Top Deck. BOX SCORE It’s always a much shorter walk home when you leave a winner.

Last night (Sat., May 13), I did take score, as evidenced by my illustration above, and I have to say that I’m now kind of appreciating the pitch clock for a very selfish reason. When I’m watching and recording every pitch and nuance of a game, it is impossible for me to visit the Ladies’ Room. I have to wait until the end of the game. Well, the end comes much faster when the pitches are served like hot cakes in a truck stop diner.

I’m wishing all the mothers out there a very happy day, and GO DODGERS!!!

Seemayer Dodger cutoutWilson Dodger cutoutWe can only be in the stadium in spirit, but these two handy cutouts (hopefully) are there representing us. I say hopefully because there is no way to know where your cutout is unless you pay the big bucks for seats right behind the plate.

The Dodgers Foundation tells loyal fans who buy these avatars that you can look it up on their website. There are supposed to be photos of the different sections that the cutouts are in posted there. There are not. But I do not want to dwell on the negative when there are so many positives to glean from the first two games of this weird, disturbing season.

So let me cut to the chase: In a year when we can’t leave our homes, go to Dodger Stadium, kiss any loved ones with whom we do not reside or have faith that America isn’t becoming Pinochet’s Chile, our Boys in Blue are kicking ass on the field. Oh yeah, and I can finally watch the games on DirecTV! About time.

Game 1: Giants v. Dodgers, Thurs., July 23, 2020

Yes, it was Opening Day in July, there was canned crowd noise and odd-looking “fans,” like the guy in the tux right behind home plate. But some things remained the same. Dieter Ruhle still belted out weird rock ‘n roll riffs at the strangest times, and Clayton Kershaw was scratched as starter because of “back stiffness.”

Dustin May started in a game that brought the designated hitter to the National League. I do not like that at all, but my preferences don’t seem to have any effect on the powers that be. It’s ok, I’m getting very used to that.

The great news is we have a lineup that rivals the best “murderers rows” of all time, anchored by the phenomenal performance by second baseman Kiké Hernández. But we got eight runs, 11 hits and the first win of the season, 8-1, over the rivals from the north.

Sidebar: The opening ceremony supporting Black Lives Matter made me cry. I’m very proud of baseball this week.

Game 2: Giants v. Dodgers, Fri., July 24, 2020

Today, it was Max Muncy’s turn to lead the offense with three hits (two of the home runs!) in four at bats and a walk. I love Max Muncy. I’m so glad he’s a Dodger.

One of the biggest stars of the game, however, was Ross Stripling, who went seven inning, giving up only one run on four hits. He also struck out seven. I hope he can keep this up, because our rotation is the weak link in our 2020 team.

The good news is, with no fans in the stands, there are no Friday Night Fireworks. I live near the stadium, and usually (in a normal season) I have to take my dog Blanco on a drive before the end of every Friday night game. Blanco is not fond of fireworks, and there have been plenty this year without the Dodgers playing.

Sidebar: My next post will deal with my devastation about the All-Star Game being cancelled. I was so looking forward to it.



17264591_1741956099448808_6097539026645050374_nI saw this T-shirt, and I just had to have it!

I love the Dodgers, and I was born in April, but I’m only an old woman on the outside.

Inside, I’m the same youthful girl who had a board game with little cutout players — like Jim Fregosi and Dodger great Jim Lefebvre — where you rolled dice to move around the bases.

Damn! I wish I still had that game.

However, I have something even better: Dodger Stadium just a mile from my home, close enough to hear the cheers when I’m not in my season seats in the top row of the Top Deck.

And it’s less than two weeks to Opening Day! Go Dodgers!!!!!