A GONE W WORDSA-Gone gave me a great birthday present last night! Three homers in consecutive at bats, breaking all kinds of records. It was swell. When he came to the plate to lead off the fifth, I said to the hubby, “Here comes a third, for my birthday!” Whack! Out it went. Amazing!

A Gone line 4-8Final score: Dodgers 7, Padres 4.

I kept score, as I often do, although it was difficult, what with strange goings-on at first base.

In the second inning, Jimmy Rollins, in the evening’s only disputed call, reached on an error, but on the board at the stadium it was announced as a single, snazzy graphics and all. It was clearly an error, but it was quite some time before the scoreboard reflected it.

I should totally be the scoreboard operator; they make bonehead errors all the time.

No fresh food for you!
It takes effort to be as negative and cynical as I have become about Dodgers management when a game like that comes around. However, there used to be a salad & sandwich place on the Club Level, where all patrons of Reserved and Top Deck could go. It was great, if you wanted to avoid fries and pretzel dogs for a change. Well, it’s gone, replaced by a shop full of caps. The salads are on the Field Level now, where regular Top Deck and Reserved Level fans are verboten.

I guess those Mercedes-Benz-driving, fly-by-night “fans” on Field Level are the only ones worthy of healthy options.