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That's me with the "Honk to End the Blackout" sign. / Photo by Miguel Vasconcellos, L.A. Register

That’s me with the “Honk to End the Blackout” sign. / Photo by Miguel Vasconcellos, L.A. Register

“Owners Snooze, Fans Lose!” That was the complaint of about  30 diehard Dodger supporters angry over not being able to watch the games on TV. We walked up Sunset Boulevard from the Short Stop bar to the stadium to protest the standoff that leaves 70% of us in the dark.

It may not seem like a lot of people, but it’s twice as many as showed up for our last rally, and we got all the drivers honking to vent their frustration as they drove up to the Ravine for the miserable game. (The Dodgers fell once again to the Pirates, 5-3.) Even the Dodger Express bus drivers chimed in! It was great.

We made a lot of noise! And got a lot of TV coverage and an L.A. Register story.

This is just the start. $tan Ka$ten and his greedy Guggenheim goons will have to sit up and take notice when the next rally gets twice as many people as this one, and so on.

I know, I know. They don’t give a flying fig if fans can see the games at home. They get their blood money from Time Warner Cable either way. But they might start taking notice as the stands start to look as if Frank McCourt had risen from the dead.

Bobblehead nights are not selling out. Concession stands are only half-open or closed altogether during games. Of course, it doesn’t help that the team sucks, but last year they sucked at this point too, and people still came out for the games.

Lip service won’t do anymore, Mr. Ka$ten. You need to do something, and stop hiding in the shadows, avoiding the press and lying about caring about the fans.

If a Dodger pitcher throws a no-hitter and 70% of Dodger fans can’t watch it on TV, does is still count as a great day for Dodger baseball?

Dodger pitcher Josh Beckett threw his first career no-hitter in Philadelphia.

Dodger pitcher Josh Beckett threw his first career no-hitter in Philadelphia.

So call me superstitious! I don’t like to mention a no-hitter when the no-hitter is in progress. I don’t like to amend what I’m doing for it or call anyone to say, “Hey, turn on the TV!” (That doesn’t matter anyway, because hardly anyone I know has Time Warner Cable.)

So yesterday, I had to drive out to the Valley. I turned on my radio and discovered there was a game on. (I forget when I’m not looking forward to seeing it on TV.) I hear Rick Monday saying, “The Phillies are still looking for their first hit,” and I’m thinking, “Yikes! Don’t think no-hitter, don’t say anything about it. Thank god Charley Steiner isn’t on the radio for this game.” (If he says, “The Dodgers are one strike away from winning the game,” my boys in blue are invariably going to lose said game.)

So as I drove to Northridge, I listened to the 7th inning, then the 8th. My heart was beating just a little faster, I felt adrenaline surging through me. I got to my first destination just as the 9th was about to start.

Big decision: Sit in the car and listen, or go do the business I had come to do.

I have been down this road before. I’ve delayed entering Ralph’s so I can listen as one or another of my Dodgers has a no-no into the fifth or sixth, and invariably, the second or third batter breaks it up. So this time, I said, “No. I will act as if nothing is happening.”

I get out of the car, do my business, and when I get back to my Saturn, I turn on the radio, and there’s a guy going to second on defensive indifference. “Shit!” I thought. “It didn’t happen. One of those damn Phillies broke it up while I was away. Oh well.”

Now, I knew that my ultimate destination has TWC, so I waited to see what happened when I got to the place with the TV. Nomar Garciaparra and the other guy are talking about Josh Beckett’s first career no-hitter, the first in 18 years for the Blue Crew, the 11th for the L.A. Dodgers, the 21st in Dodger history. It was awesome to know it was possible, and it felt like a turning point for this team that has been struggling to find itself.

Charley Steiner

Charley Steiner

Then SportsNet LA ran a montage of TV play-by-play announcer, the aforementioned Charley Steiner, saying after every inning, “Josh Beckett has a no-hitter through 6…Josh Beckett has a no-hitter through 7, etc., etc.” And I thought, “Geez, I’m glad I wasn’t watching this on TV.”

Maybe Charley Steiner is only a jinx on the radio.

Dodgers RallyI don’t know about you guys, but I’m sick and tired of not seeing the Dodgers on TV. I will be joining other Dodger fans at a peaceful but noisy rally to raise a stink about Dodger management’s apparent lack of interest in us.

This should NOT be happening. Kershaw was awesome yesterday as the Dodgers shut out the Phillies, 2-0, but only a few of us got to see it, and I wasn’t one of them.

The greed and insensitivity of $tan Ka$ten, Mark Walter, Magic Johnson, Peter Guber and Guggenheim Partners for signing this obviously bad deal (for us) with Time Warner Cable boggles the mind. They are talking right out of their asses when they say they have the fans’ best interests at heart. A few statues of World Series rings and a scary bobblehead mascot do not come close to making up for losing the ability for regular folks to watch the games on TV.

dodgers protestThe Dodgers, “Dem Bums,” the people’s team — working class underdogs who occasionally make magic happen. I know they are all millionaires now, but that’s not the point. They stand for the regular guy, and that’s why I love them and have loved them since I was a kid.

This management team is the antithesis of that. They want one thing and one thing only: cold, hard cash. The colder the harder the better. To match their hearts.

Come and make your voices heard on Sun., June 1, at 3 p.m. We’re gathering at the Short Stop, 1445 Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park. If you want, you can help us rally more forces by printing out the flyer at the top of this post and handing it out to people who might be interested.

Mad as hell, not gonna take it anymore… You know the drill.