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Holy cow! Lots to say today!

First: Five in a row! Sweeping the Giants! Andre Ethier stolen base! Dreams do come true.

Andre Ethier achieves the first stolen base of his career.

Andre Ethier achieves the first stolen base of his career.

In his career, Ethier had been 0-2 in stolen base attempts. Then last night in the 6th inning, he gets on with an RBI single to tie the score up and then has the audacity (mixed with a lot of luck) to steal second. Safe because the short stop dropped the throw, it was Ethier’s first robbery of his career (my husband says he “runs like a farmer”), and it set him up to score what turned out to be the winning run on A.J. Ellis’ double. The Dodgers win it, 4-2, to give Clayton Kershaw his first victory in many attempts and the Dodgers their first sweep of the Giants at Dodger Stadium since 2009. A pretty good night, I’d say.

Giants thrid-base coach Tim Flannery

Giants thrid-base coach Tim Flannery

Second: This Giants third-base coach Tim Flannery has his head up his ass. He’s posting on Facebook that the Dodgers lack “humanity” because they didn’t make a big deal of little Casey Johnstone donating the couple hundred bucks he made off YouTube hits on his “Go Dodgers” speech to Bryan Stow. Management invited the die-hard Dodger fan to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at Tuesday’s game, and on “Dodgers Live,” they did a big tip-of-the-cap to Casey for his generosity (even though Kristina Pink called Stow a Dodgers fan, then quickly corrected herself). But Flannery thought it should have been brought up when Casey was brought out to the mound. Here is his extremely poorly edited post:

Casey Johnstone is beaming after his ceremonial first pitch.

Casey Johnstone is beaming after his ceremonial first pitch.

Tonight the Dodgers did something that really pissed me off…yeah they beat us, they are better this time around, but this is about other stuff..they honored Casey Johnstone the kid who made a video and gave his $200 bucks to Bryan Stow…but the Dodgers never ever mentioned What the kid did with his money, or Bryan’s name. I once had a Dodger broadcaster tell me ” we wish he would just go away”…..ok…more shows for Bryan…another way to shine the light, and to the Dodgers how you handled this pregame first pitch tonight….you just got me started all over again……we won’t go away, till you do what is right here..had your chance tonight……failed in the humanity department….

Now, I happen to believe with all my heart that the Dodgers should be taking care of Bryan Stow for the rest of his life. But I don’t think they need to publicly flagellate themselves (especially since it was Frank McCourt’s Dodgers that skimped on security that fateful day) every time San Francisco is mentioned. Also, it was Casey’s night, not Stow’s. He did a nice thing with the donation, but this night was about his own personal heroism for staying true to himself in the face of what I’m sure is the relentless teasing and mind-numbing taunts of “Beat L.A.” that he faces on a daily basis.

As for the “Dodger broadcaster” Flannery quotes, it would be unfortunate if he really said that (I’m assuming it was a “he”), but also, who knows what the context was? Besides, should the Dodgers be held liable for all the stupid things Charlie Steiner and Steve Lyons say? I don’t think so. I think Flannery might just be a big, illiterate jerk.

Last: I got handed some free tickets to tonight’s game (Sandy Koufax bobblehead night, you understand), and I’m going to go. I will NOT spend a dime while I am there, not on parking (I will walk), not on food (I’ll bring my own), and not on beer (I can wait ’til after and go to the Redwood). So this is NOT an abandonment of my boycott. Oh, and one more thing…Go Dodgers!

Matt Kemp makes the last out in the top of the ninth with two men on to save the Dodgers' bacon.

Matt Kemp about to make the last out in the top of the ninth with two men on to save the Dodgers’ bacon.

OK. It’s official: The Dodgers are hot all of a sudden.

The way this season has been going, the fact that the Dodgers won their fourth in a row (for the first time this year) and advanced one game on every other loser in the division means the team is on roll.

The 6-5 win over the Giants was a nail-biter, huh? I stopped watching when they brought Brandon League in, because it’s kind of like watching “Of Mice and Men.” You know what’s going to happen, and it’s just too sad to think about.

“Brandon, as you know,” Vin Scully so gently put it, “has been through some frustrating times this year.”

So have us fans, but we have other beautiful things to remind us why we love the Dodgers: Scully himself, for one; Mark Ellis; Matt Kemp.

I feel so very sorry for Brandon League. He really does seem to want to excel, but something is making that not happen. He cannot pitch, and it would be very depressing to be a pitcher who cannot pitch. I just hope Don Mattingly will admit what all the fans already know. There is no scenario, except — maybe — a lead of 7-10 runs, in which League should be allowed to take the mound. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy at this point, and it just makes it worse for everyone.

But on the bright side, we won! We beat the Giants! We took the series! Clayton K-K-K-Kershaw is pitching tonight! Home runs are popping out all over! It almost feels like we might be somewhat going someplace. (I don’t want to jinx it.)

Blog note
I have decided to link to the box score from my posts from now on, so if you want to see the stats, click on the link above (where the score is mentioned in the text).

The right-fielding phenom Yasiel Puig after his game-winning RBI single in the eighth.

The right-fielding phenom Yasiel Puig after his game-winning RBI single in the eighth.

Three in a row! It’s a miracle.

That was a great game, with Yasiel Puig hitting three times — including his seventh homer so far — and Kenley Jansen saving his fifth. It was great to see Nick Punto come into the game and slam a beautiful double down the line to right field and then come home with the tie-breaking run. These last three games have been baseball the way it’s meant to be played (by which I mean the Dodgers win). I don’t want to Charlie Steiner it, so I’m going to leave it at that.

First Pitch Fireworks!
What a spectacular ceremonial first pitch (video above), thrown out by the beautiful Sarah Shahi. (She played the woman in Vegas who gets Tony Soprano high on ‘shrooms, and was also Damien Lewis’ partner on the late, lamented “Life.”) She lobbed it from the mound to the plate without a bounce, did a little jumping-up-and-down dance and then rushed catcher Tim Federowicz, leaping into his arms and wrapping her legs around him. It didn’t look like he minded.