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la-1487289154-y0rw70m4ft-snap-photoIt’s déjà vu all over again.

I remember the last time we picked up a relief pitcher with a crazy beard from San Francisco. If I remember correctly, it didn’t end well. I have never been so ashamed to wear my “00 Wilson” T-shirt.

Let’s hope the new guy, Sergio Romo, will be more effective than his predecessor.

Now, he claims to be a lifelong Dodgers fan, being from SoCal and all. But I don’t know how you play for the Giants if you’re True Blue. It would be like me going to work at the White House of one who will not be named, just because the job carried a hefty paycheck. I would feel like a whore.

I know, I know, baseball players go where the money is, part of the game. But some instinct impels me to not trust him. Although, he recently told the L.A. Times about how, when the Giants came to L.A., his friends and family all showed up at Dodger Stadium wearing the appropriate colors for a night at the Ravine. His Giant bosses were less than thrilled.

“It didn’t really fly well,” he said. “But now they get to bring that blue and white out. They can bring it out the closet now.”

Good for them, let’s hope he makes them proud!

The right-fielding phenom Yasiel Puig after his game-winning RBI single in the eighth.

The right-fielding phenom Yasiel Puig after his game-winning RBI single in the eighth.

Three in a row! It’s a miracle.

That was a great game, with Yasiel Puig hitting three times — including his seventh homer so far — and Kenley Jansen saving his fifth. It was great to see Nick Punto come into the game and slam a beautiful double down the line to right field and then come home with the tie-breaking run. These last three games have been baseball the way it’s meant to be played (by which I mean the Dodgers win). I don’t want to Charlie Steiner it, so I’m going to leave it at that.

First Pitch Fireworks!
What a spectacular ceremonial first pitch (video above), thrown out by the beautiful Sarah Shahi. (She played the woman in Vegas who gets Tony Soprano high on ‘shrooms, and was also Damien Lewis’ partner on the late, lamented “Life.”) She lobbed it from the mound to the plate without a bounce, did a little jumping-up-and-down dance and then rushed catcher Tim Federowicz, leaping into his arms and wrapping her legs around him. It didn’t look like he minded.