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Right-hander Chad Billingsley will make his first start of 2013 today.

Right-hander Chad Billingsley will make his first start of 2013 today.

Of course, it didn’t help that our bullpen fell apart (starting with Ronald Belisario, whom I don’t believe gives a flying fart), but stranding nine runners while playing a less-than-stellar team was what killed the Dodgers yesterday. There was no need to be playing catch-up the whole game (until the 8th when the wheels came off the bus). There were opportunities galore in the early going for the Dodgers to get a commanding lead. They couldn’t do it. That has been a recurring theme this season so far.

Now about Belisario. In my opinion, he almost always exhibits a disdainful air whenever he takes the mound. He can be very good, or he can be just awful, but I get the feeling, eh…, he doesn’t really care either way. An L is just as good as a W when you know you’re getting paid no matter what.

Today’s starter for the Dodgers, Chad Billingsley, usually cares too much. He is making his season debut on the mound, and his whole heart will be into it. “The Boy From Defiance,” as Vin Scully likes to call him (referring to Bills’ Ohio hometown), hurt his elbow in August after the best stretch of his career: a 6-0 run with a 1.80 ERA. After missing the end of the season, he opted for physical therapy instead of surgery. Today, he will pitch as if his life depends on it. That’s just the way he is. That’s why I like him so much.

e027d74b-9347-4ca5-b03e-ffcb40744c8aI just realized that my boycott only applies to Dodger Stadium. I could, if I wanted to, drive down to San Diego and watch a game at Petco Park.

I love Petco. It’s a party stadium, right in the middle of town, lots of great restaurants all around. And usually more Dodger Blue than Padre … whatever color they are wearing now.

The poor Padres are 1-5, so the Dodgers might have as much success over their sorry selves as they did with the Pirates. But Josh Beckett is pitching for the Dodgers, so I won’t hold my breath. He hasn’t really won me over at all. His ERA so far is 4.54, but on the bright side, his opponent, Clayton Richard, has an ERA nearing 15, not that that means anything after only one pitching appearance.

But I’ll keep an open mind, and watch the game at 3:30. (Weird time for a West Coast game, don’t you think?)

First baseman Adrian Gonzalez

First baseman Adrian Gonzalez

It’s good to see old No. 23 at first base again. No, not my most beloved former Dodger, Eric Karros. I’m talking about last year’s acquisition from San Diego, Adrian Gonzalez. He was unstoppable in today’s game: 3-for-4 and he batted in four of the Dodgers’ six-pack of runs.

“I was just looking for something out over the plate, and I was able to stay on a couple of pitches and be able to get the hits when the runners were on base,” he explained in a post-game interview. If it’s that simple, maybe he can teach his teammates how to do it.

On paper, that sweep was spectacular. Good pitching, finally some good hitting today, two shutouts. Only it was against the pathetic Pirates. So I’ll wait to get super-excited about “The Whole New Blue” until they face a real team again. But it was nice to see some of the old magic and high-fives.

P.S. I was wearing my earrings for all three games. Count on that to continue.