sportsLook at that headline. It’s beyond ridiculous, as is the article by Dylan Hernandez.

As I wrote in my post-game recap last night, Justin Sellers’ errors had nothing do to with why the Dodgers lost. Hernandez pins the entire debacle on Sellers, and that is just so unfair.

The Dodgers lost because they couldn’t hit Madison Bumgarner. End of story. The Giants had no trouble hitting our new Korean phenom, Hyun-Jin Ryu. Luckily, a bunch of double plays saved his ass over and over. But all the Giants needed was the one run they managed to score in the fourth. So the game was essentially over before the seventh inning, when Sellers made two errors, one of which resulted in a run. Even Don Mattingly, in a quote from Hernandez’s story, says, “Nothing happened in that inning that changed anything.”

I have long regarded Bill Plaschke as a fair-weather Dodger fan. And I suspect there are elements on the Times’ editorial staff (other than the obvious, T.J. Simers) who hate the Dodgers too. (Nine times out of 10, the team will only get a photo in the paper if it is an image of them failing.) But I always thought before that Hernandez was fairly accurate. This was a low blow.

Shame on you, Dylan Hernandez, for kicking a scrappy fill-in shortstop when he’s down!

We’ll see the pitching matchup of Dodger Josh Beckett and Giant Tim Lincecum. Beckett hasn’t done anything particularly special since donning the Blue, but I guess he once had a hint of greatness in him. Maybe it will rear its head tonight. Lincecum, once the darling of every sports writer in the world, has lost a lot of his effectiveness the past two seasons. These right-handers seem a pretty even match. We’ll see.