New BlueI don’t think the word new means what Dodger management thinks it means. They keep throwing that word around as if it applies to this team, and it doesn’t. It may apply to the concrete sculptures of bobbleheads and baseballs that are strewn around the concourses. It may apply to the larger clubhouses that no fan will ever see. And it may apply to the ticket prices that ask $30 for a Top Deck seat for “Premium Games.” But it doesn’t apply to the team, to its play in the last two games, nor, as I’ve heard tell, to the long lines at the concession stands.

That bottom of the sixth, when Mark Ellis singled, Carl Crawford singled and Skip Schumaker got hit by a pitch to load the bases for Matt Kemp looked a lot like “The Same Old Blue” when Kemp hit into a double play and then Adrian Gonzalez struck out swinging. They only got one run out of an inning that should have been a scorefest, and the Giants, who had taken advantage of Josh Beckett and an error to score four in the third, went on to win 5-3.

I am in no way wishing the Dodgers to failure. I want them to win. I want them to thrive. But, ironically, if they keep playing like this, it might get me back to the stadium. Seats on Stub Hub will be going for 45 cents again, just like last year.