Aaron Harang has a great sense of humor.

Aaron Harang has a great sense of humor. Photo by Pamela Wilson

The Super Soaker is gone. The Dodgers traded Aaron Harang to the Rockies yesterday, and, BAM! He was designated for assignment. The pitching-rich Dodgers got a backup catcher in 36-year-old Ramon Hernandez, and Harang got the possibility of being a starter for whichever team picks him up. So it’s a win-win. Except for fans of his hijinx, like me.

Harang Fans 9 StraightWhile it didn’t happen as often as I would have liked last season, it was so much fun to watch this giant of a man crouch with impish glee in the dugout waiting for just the right moment to spring out with a water cannon and douse whichever teammate did something special. He was pretty stealthy for 6-foot-7. And he always had a look on his face like a kid playing paintball, as if he were on a super-covert operation and would be killed if discovered. I’ll miss that.

And remember the time he broke a team record and fanned nine batters in a row? I do. He could be really good on the mound, and really fun in the clubhouse. That’s the kind of Dodger I like to cheer for. Adios, Aamigo!