Winning’s contagious and so is losing. And this is not something you want to stay in the habit of doing.”
— Dodger right fielder Andre Ethier addresses the team’s dismal recent performances, on “Dodgers Live” before Sunday’s game

Let’s hope the way the Dodgers played today becomes an incurable disease!

There hasn't been much high-fiving for these guys lately.

There hasn’t been much high-fiving for these guys lately.

They hit when they needed to, came from behind after a shaky first inning by Stephen Fife (called up to replace the injured Chad Billingsley) and had defense up the wazoo, with special kudos to Mark Ellis who continues to dazzle at second base. For the first time this week, it was actually fun watching a Dodger game!

The 7-4 win in Baltimore stopped the Dodgers’ losing streak and meant they avoided a second consecutive sweep, which would really have been soul-crushing. Today, they looked like the team I love: the chemistry was there (like when new-guy Ramon Hernandez signaled to Kemp to slide to the outside of home plate when scoring from second on a single). Kemp was happy and excited, and had three hits for the second day in a row.

Nothing makes baseball more fun to watch than Matt Kemp’s smile.

So it’s on to New York, after a Monday of rest. Let’s hope the momentum makes the flight.

P.S. Right before the game, I changed the header on this blog to a photo of the team victorious. I think I’ll leave it, in case that had anything to do with it.