Juan Uribe usually swings at every pitch as if his family's lives depend on it.

Juan Uribe usually swings at every pitch as if his family’s lives depend on it.

Here are five words I never thought I would say: How about that Juan Uribe?

He’s never been my favorite player, mainly because his practice in the past with the Dodgers has been to swing wildly at every pitch he sees and make contact only occasionally. But in the Thursday closer of the team’s series in New York, the crazy third baseman we got from the Giants made spectacular plays, walked not once, not twice, but three times, and knocked in a run in the top of the ninth that turned out to be the game winner. Wow!

Today’s a busy day for me and my over-achieving family. We have Steve’s art opening, the first night of the United Film Festival (though “Young Turks” doesn’t play until Monday) and Zach’s Honors Convocation (grad student of the year in film and television production) all happening at once. So I can’t write more than this about the Dodgers: Nice turnaround in New York! Can’t wait to catch the fireworks tonight! Go Dodgers!