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Clayton Kershaw joined the 200-Win Club on Tuesday night (April 18).

We teeter over the brink to below .500 … again — the Mets just beat us, 5-3, on Wednesday (April 19) BOX SCORE — the main takeaway of the season so far is, “It doesn’t matter how good our starters are, or how many homers we hit, or how many double plays we execute if our bullpen is just going to start pitching batting practice in the last three innings.”

Last night (April 18), I saw a gem of a Clayton Kershaw start: 7 innings, 9 Ks, 3 hits and no runs. It was beautiful, and he got run support, as well, earning him his 200th career victory, 5-0, over the Mets. BOX SCORE For once this season, the bullpen was solid, like they knew Vin Scully (who was the night’s honoree with a swag Jersey giveaway) was watching. 

But that only evened our record at 9-9, since the dreaded Cubbies won the weekend series (CHI 8-LAD 2 on Friday, LAD 2-CHI 1 Saturday, and CHI 3-LAD 2 Sunday), and the Mets nipped the opener on Monday night (April 17). A very eventful 8-6 affair in which J.D. Martinez went long twice only to see our 6-5 edge disappear with the arrival of reliever Alex Vesia on the mound. BOX SCORE Boy, did he and Phil Bickford really stink up the joint! Bickford balked in the tying run before throwing one pitch! But those loaded bases fall squarely on Vesia’s shoulders.

Aside from the groans when virtually any reliever is announced, the games this week have been fun to attend. Sometimes, when I’m walking on the Top Deck concourse, I feel like a teenager again, recalling those springs and summers when I covered all kinds of sports for the Valley News & Green Sheet. It makes me miss my dad, but in a good way. 

He hired me at 17 as a full-time member of the Green Sheet’s Sports Dept., a rare thing for a girl in 1973. Now, it’s 50 years later, there are a lot of female sports reporters. A woman is a heartbeat away from the presidency. And yet, we are reminded every day that the world is still pretty much run by old white dudes.

Next Taco Tuesday, maybe we’ll see, “MALE MARIACHI GARIBALDI” on the ribbon board.

Yeah, probably not.

The struggle for a world that’s right and truly gender-blind rages on.
Mariachi Las Catrinas perform at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday (April 18).

Brian WilsonOnce The Beard was B00ed, now The Beard is BL00.

Former Giant Brian Wilson (awesome last name, by the way) staked his spot in the Dodger bullpen last night by closing out the game and preserving the 6-0 shutout over the Marlins in his first inning of work in 16 months.

The 31-year-old right-hander had been sidelined since early in the 2012 season after he underwent Tommy John surgery.

I don’t know about you, but his quirkiness may just be a good fit for these Dodgers. They already have some real characters to go along with the more down-to-business types like Andre Ethier (not that Andre doesn’t want to have fun, just that he seems to have a strong work ethic).

Andre EthierThese guys just get more and more fun to watch, like Ethier smashing into the fence catching the last out of Wednesday’s 4-1 win. I thought Kenley Jansen might just be doing his impression of Brandon League for a minute there, but Captain Clutch saved his bacon.

The Dodgers are 9½ games out in front, and tonight they host the Boston Red Sox. Should be a good game. I’ll be there with my scorecard and an itchy Twitter finger.

Twitter_LogoWhat a strange and powerful tool this “Twitter” is!

I was watching the game on KCAL-9, and Dodger broadcaster Eric Collins mentioned that, on this day in Dodger history, Davey Lopes set an L.A. Dodger record for most total bases in a game, 15. Then Collins reiterated that it was a franchise record. I thought: “That’s not right!” And instead of just mumbling, “What about Shawn Green’s 19 in Milwaukee?” I thought, “Hey! This is exactly what Twitter is for, right?”

Now, I am not by nature a Twitterer. I have an account, and I send out occasional pictures of Zorro to my five followers. That’s about it.

Still, I got on my iPhone and looked up #Dodgers, because surely someone would be reminding the guys on TV about Shawn Green. Instead what I saw were things like: “brandon league sucks #Dodgers,” “Why is Brandon League on the mound? #hesucks #Dodgers,” “Mattingly is the only person who doesn’t think Brandon League sucks. #Dodgers.”

TweetSo I sent a tweet to Steve Lyons, which is pictured to the right. (I wish it didn’t sound so snarky in retrospect, but I understand the idea is to be succinct.)

Just a few moments later, I’m folding laundry in the kitchen (because the Marlins have tied it up thanks to Brandon League and all his sucking), and I hear this:

And I thought it was cool when my friend Chris Erskine got a shout out from Rick Monday on the Dodger radio broadcast! This is way cooler!

I only wish it had been on Prime, because nobody gets Channel 9 anymore. #timewarnersucks.