Dodger reliever Ronald Belisario

Dodger reliever Ronald Belisario

He must have had a hot date.

Ronald Belisario, on in relief in the bottom of the ninth, served Buster Posey a home run on a platter, breaking the 1-1 tie and giving the Giants catcher his first walk-off home run.

Belisario always looks like, “No biggie, I get paid either way.” And to be truthful, this game shouldn’t have been tied in the ninth in the first place.

The offense was good at getting on base (11 hits to the Giants’ 4, plus 7 walks), but pathetic at getting home (13 left on base).

The Dodgers’ only run came when Clayton Kershaw (who did a fine job in seven innings) hit a double, was sacrificed to third and scored on a single by Nick Punto.  Time after time, guys in scoring position, and a strikeout … a popup … a double play. Pathetic!

600x300_lad_voteblueOh, but get this: The Dodgers sent me an e-mail urging me to vote for these guys for the All-Star game.

Every year, I vote for Dodgers for the All-Star game. For example, Matt Kemp was batting over .400 with 10 homers last year at this time. I voted for that guy! Twenty-times from every e-mail address we have.

Perhaps Carl Crawford and Andre Ethier deserve a nod, and I’d vote for A.J. Ellis anytime (I have a soft spot for catchers). But Kemp is underperforming (coming back from surgery, maybe) and the others either are having a bad year or are injured or both. I might vote for Mark Ellis, but Hanley Ramirez — no matter how well he played in the one start this season that he didn’t get hurt in — doesn’t deserve it.

Oh, yeah! Hanley Ramirez pulled a hammy sliding into third (getting out in the process), and Adrian Gonzalez had neck pain, so ¾ of our infield is out with aches and pains. It will be a freaking miracle if we don’t finish the season in fourth place.

I lost one of my reserve Dodger earrings yesterday, one day after calling them up to replace the broken Dodger earring. Jewelry imitating life?