BumHey, remember how at the start of the season everyone was saying the Dodgers are the new Yankees, because the L.A. payroll had exceeded that of the Bronx Bombers, and of course more spending means more winning, right?

I guess our season so far refutes any notion that money changes everything, unless you mean it changes everything for the worse.

I keep hoping something will spark, and the tide will turn in our favor, but my optimism is wearing thin. I know, I need to keep the faith, but it is so very hard to do.

If I were a god-fearing type (which I most definitely am not), I might think Guggenheim Partners is being punished for its deal with the devil (a.k.a. Frank McCourt). They lied about it when they bought the team, and they have tried to hide it under blankets of evasion and obscurity, which obviously means they knew L.A. would hate them as much as we hate him if anyone ever got all the details. That was probably the most astute reasoning they have exhibited so far.

And now their dirty laundry (at least some of it) is in the open, and Frank McCourt is still making millions off the backs of Dodger fans, and the team is cursed by injuries and lack of cohesion. Only now it costs a lot more to go to a game.

I’m rooting for the Dodgers in this short series with the Yanks, because that’s what Dodger fans have done since the trolleys rolled past Ebbets Field. But why are loyal fans like me and you the ones being punished for this Faustian deal?