laI may have been wrong when I said that the Dodgers organization and Stan Kasten only care about money and not about the true blue fans.

The other day, after my vow to renew my boycott of the Dodgers and never give them another dime of my money, I got a call from Billy Hunter, vice president of ticket operations. I was not around, so my husband took the call, in which Mr. Hunter apologized for my unhappy experiences this season with Dodger ticketing representatives.

According to my husband, Mr. Hunter was extremely nice, knew about all of my grievances and graciously apologized for the misdirected postseason ticket invoice.

It was a classy move for this highly placed executive to take the time and call one unhappy fan. I am impressed and greatly appreciative.

Pitch Imperfect
The Dodgers lost the third game in Colorado, 7-5, and, because I’m feeling generous toward them today, I’m not going to say anything about three “reclamation projects” taking the  mound in the same game.