Sherman-ManningAs some who know me will tell you, the only sports-related obsession I have besides the Dodgers is Peyton Manning. I love that guy, and I want him to win the Super Bowl this Sunday. Not only because he’s the best quarterback that has ever played the game, but because he was counted out after neck surgery, was let go by the team for whom he played his whole career, started a new chapter in Denver, and has kicked some ass all season and made it to the Big Show. It is a beautiful story, and I want him to win so bad it hurts.

Problem is, this guy Richard Sherman — Seattle’s controversial and passionate cornerback — is quite a character. He seems to be the polar opposite of Peyton Manning, with his long dreads and seemingly endless amount of hubris. However, what he shares with Peyton is a sense of humor, formidable brain power and charisma. I like him.

Don’t get me wrong: I want him to be crushed. I want Peyton to dominate and vanquish. I want Richard Sherman to learn to lose gracefully, the way that Peyton did the last time he was in the Super Bowl. It will be a good lesson for him, and I’m sure he will have another chance at a ring in the near future.

Go Broncos!

P.S. I convinced Steve to take Sunday off filming so I can watch the game on my big screen with a pizza and cooler full of brewskis. Good times!