cropped-img_5298.jpgEven though my life is more complicated and exhausting than ever before, I have convinced Steve (my hubby) to go in on Dodger season tickets for 2014 (in the Top Deck, of course).

When I called to upgrade from last year’s mini-plan, I discovered that Oscar — the longtime account representative who had helped me for so many years — no longer worked on season ticket accounts. I guess he did so well smashing my dreams and expectations last year that they gave him a promotion to Customer Service. But I am putting last year’s nastiness behind me. I am starting fresh, with no desire to complain incessantly. I want this year to be a no-stress Dodger fan experience. All the drama should be left on the field.

No More Tears, right?

This year, Kyle is my guy. So far, he has done a good job of taking my credit card payment, but I had to nag him like a Brooklyn housewife to send me a confirmation email and a time for Select-a-Seat Day. Uh oh, that sounds like complaining. Stop it!

OK. It’s a new season and a new year. Everything is peachy keen, and the Dodgers rule.

Blue is the new black.