Helmet and BatIt’s not a chicken dinner. It’s better!

I spoke with Dodgers Fan Services representative Michele Rubin today. At some point in a few weeks, I get to invite three people to Dodger Stadium to take batting practice in the underground cages. It sounds like fun, huh? I guess I’ll take a hiatus from complaining for a little while.

Angels 7, Dodgers 5
Other than, obviously, the final score, that game had a lot of promising aspects to it. Zack Greinke did fine, two dingers by Hanley Ramirez, Dee Gordon’s spectacular triple. I had fun watching it, and looked forward to tonight’s Game 2 in the Freeway Series. Unfortunately, a slight head cold will keep me out of the stadium tonight. I can’t afford to get sick right now, with all that is going on. I’ll have to wait for the home opener next week.