standingsIt will be tough to keep up this pace all season. Two-for-two in series wins, and the home opener still to come. Not bad for a team missing its ace, one of its best relievers and its All-Star center fielder.

I really like this trend of our first two hitters scoring in the first inning, like we did in Tuesday’s 3-2 win in San Diego, and then again in last night’s rubber game victory, 5-1, over the Padres. I think we should keep that up.

We’re starting to hit, our healthy pitching staff is doing fine — Dan Haren is a nice addition — and Matt Kemp is coming back for tomorrow’s afternoon opener at the Ravine. Can’t freaking wait! I’m going to be there early and eager for my first live game of 2014. And, yes, I will be keeping score. God, I love baseball!