Rally host Chris Erskine vents to Fox reporter Olga Ospina at the Short Stop on Wednesday night.

Rally host Chris Erskine vents to Fox reporter Olga Ospina at the Short Stop.

So our star right fielder has a hit out on him, our Cy Young winner (well, one of them) is on the D.L., and most Angelenos can’t watch what could be Vin Scully’s last season calling games. It’s a weird year to be a Dodger fan.

We can’t do anything about Yasiel Puig’s death threats from Mexican drug cartels except duck if we hear gunshots. We can’t fix Clayton Kershaw’s back, we just have to wait patiently like he is. We can, however, express outrage and disappointment at the miserable fiasco that is SportsNet LA.

Last night, while the Dodgers were losing, 2-1, to the dreaded Giants, I joined my friend, L.A. Times columnist Chris Erskine, at a rally to let Dodger management and Time Warner Cable know we want our Dodgers, and we want them now!

Here is an excellent Fox 11 report on the protest, which was also covered by KNBC and KCAL:

The salient points raised by Erskine and his legion of diehard Dodger fans are that:

● Dodger management promised to make things better for fans that withstood the Frank McCourt era, and cutting a deal that blacks out 70% of all L.A. fans from seeing the games on TV is more about the Big Green Bucks than the True Blue Fans.

● This could be Vin Scully’s last season announcing games, and most of us can’t watch them. Three innings before Charley Steiner and Rick Monday on radio is just not enough Vin. No Vin? It’s a Sin!

● It’s not the fans’ job to put pressure on the cable companies to make a deal. We are the ones who are going to have to pay for it in the long run, we shouldn’t have to be the ones getting it done in the short run.

$tan Ka$ten and TWC better start realizing how angry Dodger fans are. And if they can get Angels games on TV, some Dodger fans might just start switching their allegiance from Blue to Red.

Now is the time to cut your losses and get a deal done that puts the Dodgers back on everyone’s televisions.


And by that I mean ALL fans, not just the rich ones.