I got my Mother’s Day wish last night! The Dodgers beat the Padres in a 4-2 nailbiter that was not decided until the very last beautiful solitary strikeout from Caleb Ferguson! We won the series (2nd in a row from those Friars and our 5th series win in a row!), and it was our 14th win in 16 games. BOX SCORE After a 13-13 start to the season, we’re now in 1st Place by 3 games over Arizona. Wow!

Curiously, the night before (Friday, May 12), we also beat San Diego 4-2. I got there late, so I didn’t take score, but Stephen and I had a great time all alone in our topmost row of the Top Deck. BOX SCORE It’s always a much shorter walk home when you leave a winner.

Last night (Sat., May 13), I did take score, as evidenced by my illustration above, and I have to say that I’m now kind of appreciating the pitch clock for a very selfish reason. When I’m watching and recording every pitch and nuance of a game, it is impossible for me to visit the Ladies’ Room. I have to wait until the end of the game. Well, the end comes much faster when the pitches are served like hot cakes in a truck stop diner.

I’m wishing all the mothers out there a very happy day, and GO DODGERS!!!