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LX5zO.AuSt.38Splish Splash!

No matter what the bean-balling bullies in Arizona think, the Dodgers deserved a dunk in the outfield pool at Chase Field. What better way to thank the D’Backs for the inspiration to take this season all the way to the end?

In early June, the Boys in Blue were written off as basement-dwellers after the most dismal April and May that I can remember. The Diamondbacks were smugly lording their first-place position over us, throwing balls at the players’ heads and sneering at the Dodgers’ high payroll and higher expectations.

That brawl on the field at Chavez Ravine — the most violent diamond fight since Roseboro and Marichal — sparked a fire in the Dodgers’ hearts. It was the turning point, just like in a movie, where the heroes turn it around and start winning game after game, with a soaring John Williams soundtrack in the background.

Hey, it was enough to win me back, and I’m pretty famous for never abandoning my boycotts. (I got my postseason tickets in the mail right after the game was over. Perfect timing!)

So the hard part is over, the even harder part is about to begin. One day at a time, one game at a time, one inning at a time.


DodgersNot to worry: The Dodgers lost a game. Big deal! That’s only, like, No. 8 in the past 40 or so games. No biggie.

To worry: Matt Kemp is still hurt, and Hanley Ramirez is day-to-day.

Not to worry: Clayton Kershaw is fucking awesome.

To worry: Brandon League decidedly isn’t.

Not to worry: Five games out front of Arizona, and rumored to be the odds-on favorite to win the World Series.

To worry: I heard that from Charlie Steiner.

They have some of those 10-game miniplans in the Top Deck now. So I might be coming to the stadium soon. We’ll see. I’d hate to miss out on the post-season, if there is one.

Dodger outfielder Yasiel Puig takes a breather at third base during a game in Chicago.

Dodger outfielder Yasiel Puig takes a breather after sliding into third base during a game in Chicago.

Sorry for the delay, everybody. I had important business to take care of, and my blog went silent for a few spectacular days. I wasn’t just lounging around on third base, like some Cuban phenoms we know. I was legit busy. (Although I did manage to catch a few innings over the weekend.)

Well, I got my wish! We swept those stinkin’ Cubbies, a four-game brooming! That makes me so happy, because, as you know, I HATE CHICAGO! Here are the box scores for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Next, the Cardinals, but they’re not going to go down so easily, I fear. We squeaked by in the first game yesterday, 3-2, thanks to the best hitting pitcher in baseball, Zack Greinke. And we have Clayton Kershaw (NL pitcher of the month) on the mound tonight. But the Cards are a tough-playing team. They always have been.

Oh yeah, except for that one time — remember? — when we swept them in the playoffs!