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Nice photo in The Times by Wally Skalij shows Juan Uribe hitting one of three homers against Arizona.

Nice photo in The Times by Wally Skalij shows Juan Uribe hitting one of three homers against Arizona.

That sneaky third baseman of ours hit three — count ’em, 3! — home runs yesterday to lead the Dodgers to an 8-1 rout of the Arizona snakes and bring the Magic Number down to just 8.

Just think! Only a few months ago we would let out a collective groan when Juan Uribe came to the plate. He was on the bench as then-starter Luis Cruz took the hot corner. But Cruz cooled and went to Yankeeland, and Uribe discovered some languishing ember of greatness and stoked it into a fire. Now he’s one of the best-fielding third basemen in baseball, he’s hitting like a champ, and he even walks a lot more often than before, when he would swing wildly at every pitch he saw.

His story of redemption is rivaled only by that of the team itself. Last year’s miserable finish and this year’s miserable start are ancient history, just as the boos that greeted the ex-Giant Uribe have morphed into standing O’s and curtain calls.

The only bright spot, another Hanley Ramirez home run.

The only bright spot, another Hanley Ramirez home run.

If this is what the postseason is going to look like, don’t get too set on a World Series at Chavez Ravine.

Cincinnati swept the Dodgers with a 3-2 win on Sunday, after two other one-run victories on Friday and Saturday.

It’s not like the Dodgers didn’t stand a chance. They had plenty of opportunities, especially in the 6th and 7th innings. They could have gone ahead and perhaps hung on, but once the Reds brought out the smokin’ Aroldis Chapman to uphold the 2-2 tie in the 9th, our faltering batters were flailing at 100+-mph blurs.

Meanwhile, Don Mattingly turned to Ronald Belisario in the bottom of the 9th, bafflingly unaware of what all Dodger fans know by now: Belisario will give up a run to the first or second batter he faces. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter, because the Dodgers have a four- or five-run lead, but in a tied game? Mattingly lives in a state of denial if he thinks he can bring in Belisario in a tied game.

So here is our losing streak. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Let’s just hope it doesn’t last all month.

laI may have been wrong when I said that the Dodgers organization and Stan Kasten only care about money and not about the true blue fans.

The other day, after my vow to renew my boycott of the Dodgers and never give them another dime of my money, I got a call from Billy Hunter, vice president of ticket operations. I was not around, so my husband took the call, in which Mr. Hunter apologized for my unhappy experiences this season with Dodger ticketing representatives.

According to my husband, Mr. Hunter was extremely nice, knew about all of my grievances and graciously apologized for the misdirected postseason ticket invoice.

It was a classy move for this highly placed executive to take the time and call one unhappy fan. I am impressed and greatly appreciative.

Pitch Imperfect
The Dodgers lost the third game in Colorado, 7-5, and, because I’m feeling generous toward them today, I’m not going to say anything about three “reclamation projects” taking the  mound in the same game.