earringI have a pair of Dodger earrings that I almost always wear everyday the Dodgers play. This year, I forgot to put them on. Yesterday, my husband asked me, “Why aren’t you wearing your lucky Dodger earrings? That’s probably why we’re in 4th place!” Yeah, that’s the problem.

Well, anyway, I’m putting on the bling today, so hopefully the Dodgers will pull out a win from the Pittsburgh Pirates tonight.

My old favorite Russell Martin will be behind the plate for the Bucs, and the Dodgers’ high-priced new pitcher, Zach Greinke, will be on the mound for the boys in blue. So we’ll see tonight if the money spent on him was worth it. It seems he gets hurt a lot, but I’m no expert on his career.

It would be nice to see some magic tonight, and besides the earrings, I’ll be donning a Dodger T-shirt and Dodger shorts and keeping my fingers and toes crossed.