Dodger pitcher Josh Beckett

Dodger pitcher Josh Beckett

Josh Beckett is the weakest link in the Dodgers rotation. His start this season is the worst in his 13 year career (0-4 in 6 starts). The mouths on “Dodgers Live” blame it on a lack of run support, but I don’t. I think he is done. He lets the game get away from him right off the bat.

So the Dodgers have slid below .500 once again. April is over, guys, time to get serious about winning!

Boycott update
I got excited when I received an email from the Dodgers saying new 10-game mini-plans had become available. I thought perhaps the money-grubbers had come to their senses and opened up some seats in the Top Deck (a.k.a. “where the real fans are”). But no, Loge, Reserve and Pavilion. That’s it. Ah me.

No Top Deck Tickets