Hanley Ramirez BobbleheadI see you, Hanley Ramirez, trying to be all exciting like your predecessor from another mother, Manny.

You come back from the D.L. for your first start of the season, and you’re hitting the ball out of the park, and slamming base hits all over the place. All on your bobblehead night!

It’s been done before, but it sure is fun that you did it again! Especially after that embarrassing first game, when the Dodgers were the Rockies’ bitch.

We could hear the organ music from the stadium wafting into our living room while we were watching the game. It was almost like being there, but we were drinking good wine and eating a home-cooked pasta dinner.

I have to admit I miss the Dodger Dogs, and it was always fun to hear my Top Deck mates tease Steve for the rabbit food he brought with him.

Maybe we’ll come back next year, if the money-grubbing owners let us have our Top Deck mini-plan. We’ll see.