kershaaw cloneBoy, I was pulling for Clayton Kershaw to go all the way … again! Mainly because I was afraid someone like Brandon League would come in and screw up such a beautifully pitched game. But Kershaw missed by one batter, and Kenley Jansen got the job done. Nice!

Oh, if they could all be like Clayton! This post on Facebook by Dodgers Nation (which I believe is a Dodgers-run fan page) says it all, but it also kind of disses the other pitchers in the rotation. I’d be pretty low if I were them.

But then, I’m guilty of some pretty bad pitcher-bashing too of late. I feel kind of bad about what I said in regard to Josh Beckett’s finito-ness. He stood up and took it like a man, and I admire that. He admitted there was no good reason for why he sucks, he just does. He offered no excuses, and accepted responsibility for his failure. That’s very courageous.

When I read this back, it sounds a little hypocritical: I’m saying I shouldn’t be hating the pitchers that I hate, all the while telling you all why I hate them. Now I hate myself for that. It’s a circle of hating, and it stops now.