Ian KennedyThe best revenge is beating them at their own game.

Arizona has dominated the National League West most of the season so far. SO FAR. The Dodgers are making a great play for a little domination of their own, moving up from the cellar to within 2½ games of first. They did that by beating the D’bags, 6-1, two days in a row.

On Monday, Zack Greinke gave up fewer hits than he himself had, going 3-for-3 while allowing the Snakes to only hit twice. That guy has a .370 batting average. Who does he think he is, Babe Ruth? (BTW, not looking a gift horse in the mouth or anything, but the Dodgers had 17 hits in that game. How come they only managed to score six times?)

On Tuesday, despite one batter from each team being struck by a pitch, no melees broke out when Ian “Beanball” Kennedy took the mound. There’s some interesting chatter going on that suggests the antagonism of these two teams is only getting deeper and more adament. MLB.com reports: [Yasiel] Puig’s all-out style of play can be an irritant to opposing teams, and Kennedy referred to it when discussing the play at the plate. “He plays with a lot of arrogance,” Kennedy said.

I think a lot of baseball players play “with a lot of arrogance,” starting with a pitcher who hits more batters (more often than not on purpose) than anyone else in the majors and then hightails it to the dugout when the benches start to clear.

When I met Ian in Puerto Rico, he told me he had always been a Dodger fan. We texted each other after some great games during Mannywood days. Now he is Public Enemy No. 1 for any and all true Dodger fans. Funny how time changes things, huh?