Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke

Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke

A big woo-hoo for that game, am I right?

Zack Greinke’s one-hit complete game shutout was a thing of beauty and a joy for at least the next five days (until his next start).

Greinke finally looked like the ace he was supposed to be all along. He even got a hit and stole a base like it was no big deal. Easy peasy!

Spectacular performance even though watching it on Fox is not the same as having Vin calling the shots. (I love Eric Karros, but there is just something about the melodious Master Scully.)

I think it is hysterical that, yesterday, after the Dodgers lost, 3-0 ā€” one of only four losses in 21 games ā€” the pundits said, “Wow, they played like their old selves. Let’s hope they’re not slipping back into bad habits.”

Every team has to lose one once in a while. Lighten up, Lyons.

Even though we didn’t gain any ground on the D’bags today, we didn’t lose any either. It doesn’t mean we will stay behind them forever.

One more game ’til the All-Star break. Go Dodgers!