Twitter_LogoWhat a strange and powerful tool this “Twitter” is!

I was watching the game on KCAL-9, and Dodger broadcaster Eric Collins mentioned that, on this day in Dodger history, Davey Lopes set an L.A. Dodger record for most total bases in a game, 15. Then Collins reiterated that it was a franchise record. I thought: “That’s not right!” And instead of just mumbling, “What about Shawn Green’s 19 in Milwaukee?” I thought, “Hey! This is exactly what Twitter is for, right?”

Now, I am not by nature a Twitterer. I have an account, and I send out occasional pictures of Zorro to my five followers. That’s about it.

Still, I got on my iPhone and looked up #Dodgers, because surely someone would be reminding the guys on TV about Shawn Green. Instead what I saw were things like: “brandon league sucks #Dodgers,” “Why is Brandon League on the mound? #hesucks #Dodgers,” “Mattingly is the only person who doesn’t think Brandon League sucks. #Dodgers.”

TweetSo I sent a tweet to Steve Lyons, which is pictured to the right. (I wish it didn’t sound so snarky in retrospect, but I understand the idea is to be succinct.)

Just a few moments later, I’m folding laundry in the kitchen (because the Marlins have tied it up thanks to Brandon League and all his sucking), and I hear this:

And I thought it was cool when my friend Chris Erskine got a shout out from Rick Monday on the Dodger radio broadcast! This is way cooler!

I only wish it had been on Prime, because nobody gets Channel 9 anymore. #timewarnersucks.