FireworksFireworks as celebration or as a release of frustration? One swing made all the difference for me and 50,000 other Dodger fans Friday night.

Dodger pitcher Ricky Nolasco and Bosox hurler John Lackey matched each other nearly pitch for pitch. They each went eight innings, they each struck out six batters and walked none, even their pitch counts were close: Nolasco threw 101 pitches, 66 for strikes, and Lackey made 97 pitches, 69 for strikes. Only problem for the Red Sox, one of those was knocked out of park by Hanley Ramirez.

Red Sox boxIn the quickest game I think I’ve ever been to, the Blue Crew bested the Bean Crew, 2-0, and when it was over, the announcer said, “Please turn your attention to Dodger vision for highlights of tonight’s game.” I turned to my neighbor and said: “That’s gonna be a short reel.” Well, he was from Scotland or something and had no idea what I was talking about.

Dodgers boxInstead of linking to the box score, I’m furnishing you with my own personal score cards. I will do this when I can for as many of the remaining games as I’m going to this season. (But today, since I’m still writing this with less than an hour before the game starts, I probably won’t be keeping score. I don’t like to do it if I’m late … or if it’s hot and I have to follow the shade at the ballpark.)