It is with heavy heart that I renounce my recently renewed support of the Dodgers organization. They have lied to me and perpetrated cruel trickery upon my trust and love.

Here is an invoice I received in the mail a few days ago, along with a nice letter from Stan Kasten (a.k.a. Snake in the Grass).

Dodger invoiceI was ready to pay for one ticket to each of the three postseason rounds. But guess what? The invoice was sent “in error” to hundreds of miniplan holders with less than 30-game plans. Strike one!

I was told when I caved from my boycott and bought a 10-game flex plan that I could get pre-sale World Series tickets. That was a lie. Strike two!

As a lifelong Dodger fan and longtime season or miniplan holder, I shouldn’t end up in tears of frustration every time I talk to someone in Dodger customer service.  Strike three! YER OUT!

If “heightening the fan experience” means lying and incompetence, I would rather be a fan from afar.

I can cheer my Dodger team while I watch on TV, I can whistle to my heart’s content and make my own Farmer John hot dogs. I can even keep score, if I want to.

But I will never give Stan Kasten and his lying, money-grubbing organization another dime. Ever. PERIOD!