Cute ContestBefore I get to the game, I have to warn our beloved Vin Scully about those koalas.

As you can see, Vin cuddled up to a cute little marsupial while visiting Sydney. Adorable as all get out, but dangerous as hell. Problem is, there is an epidemic of chlamydia running rampant in the koala population, as reported last year by BBC News. And they say that, yes, it is transmittable to humans through direct contact. Here is a link to the Australian Koala Foundation if you want to donate to help save the most darling little animals.

Dodgers third-baseman Juan Uribe connects for a double.

Dodgers third-baseman Juan Uribe connects for a double.

Happy Birthday, Juan Uribe! You were one of three Dodgers to have a trio of hits in a 7-5 victory over those Arizona vipers. Yasiel Puig and the amazing Dee Gordon (13 pounds heavier than last year, according to Vin Scully) also got three hits each as the boys in blue amassed a whopping 7-0 lead behind pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu. It looked like such clear sailing that I was getting a little bored, that is, until the bullpen took over.

Good thing the Dodgers are not playing again until Thursday’s freeway series game against the Angels, because they burned through their relievers, and most of them didn’t do so well. What seemed like a stroll through the park turned dangerous there at the end, as the D’backs scored four runs in the final inning, including a two-run dinger off the first pitch by Golden Boy closer Kenley Jansen. Yikes!

But on the bright side, the Dodgers start the season with a sweep of those dastardly Diamondbacks, whose love of hitting batters hasn’t abated at all. Both Puig and Gordon got plunked, and I doubt it’s a coincidence that they were both guys hitting well.