The view from the top row of the Top Deck.

The view from the top row of the Top Deck.

Heading up this evening to the ravine for a special batting practice and simulated game to which season tickets holders — such as myself — were invited. It’s my first chance this year to visit the most beautiful stadium in Major League Baseball, and I’m very much looking forward to it. Particularly after last year’s boycott.

Yasiel Puig didn't make the All-Star Final Vote, but he's certainly making his mark on the Dodgers' season.

Yasiel Puig sneaks a sly peak at a pitcher.

Is Puig a Problem?
Bill Plaschke, in the L.A. Times, says Mattingly needs to rein in the wild right fielder whose penchant for driving fast is matched by his penchant for living fast and playing fast. He is young and spoiled, and also very talented. But talent only counts if you know how to make the best use of it. He needs to perhaps learn to slow a bit and think a moment before acting. So even though Plaschke sounds like a scolding shrew, I tend to agree with him about Puig needing less coddling. As Dodger management’s golden boy, we’ll see if $tan Ka$ten has the balls to say no to him, or to let Mattingly do it.

 Guerra-JavyJavy Nice Life!
Relief pitcher Javy Guerra was claimed by the White Sox off waivers from the Dodgers. There was a time he was lights out and had a shining beacon of a smile to match his promise. Good luck in Chicago, Javy.