Dodgers TVTired of missing the games on TV? Want more than just three innings of Vin Scully’s mellifluous voice calling the plays over the radio? Hate Time Warner Cable for holding Los Angeles hostage? Let the Dodgers know it! NOW!

And I don’t mean by giving in to the blackmailers’ demands. This week, action is called for. A rally is being planned to show $tan Ka$ten and his partners how the loyal Dodger fans of Los Angeles feel. Details will be released soon, but try to keep Wednesday evening open.

Ka$ten thinks it simple enough to Tweet #ineedmydodgers or go to the website, but those are just tools of the criminals to force fans to join their malicious conspiracy. They want you to either succumb (and switch your provider to TWC) or to do their negotiating for them by threatening DirecTV or whatever other providers don’t want to give in to Time Warner’s ridiculous demands.

It is not our fault (or DirecTV’s for that matter) that Time Warner Cable made a bad deal (as Howie Mandel would say) and paid Ka$ten and Guggenheim WAY TOO MUCH for the channel.

Now is the time for all good Dodger fans to let Ka$ten and TWC know that we’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore!