MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Philadelphia PhilliesI agree that the only time the Dodgers can afford to bring relief pitcher Brandon League into the game is if they have a 6-run or more lead. But even then, it’s not a safe bet.

Witness yesterday’s ninth-inning near-disaster.

The Dodgers have an 8-2 lead coasting into the bottom of the ninth after another great start by Zack Greinke against Arizona.

Mattingly brings in the universally dreaded League to close up the game. Now, I’m sure Brandon League is a perfectly nice guy, and I know the Dodgers owe him a lot of money, but they will never win a World Series if they rely on him to contribute. He should not be in the big leagues anymore. He is done. He should take his millions and go surfing at Waikiki. Anytime the announcer states, “Now pitching for the Dodgers, Number 43, Brandon League,” every true blue Dodger fan cringes, some even recoil in horror. And almost always, their fears are realized.

First D’Back to the plate singles, second is hit by a pitch, third flies out (advancing first guy to third), fourth guy walks to load the bases. You can almost smell defeat breathing down our neck.

There is a coaching visit to the mound. Ya think?

We used to joke that what Kirk Honeycutt is saying in those visits is, “OK, the bases are loaded, now throw them something they can hit, so that we lose this game.” Our pitching staff has gotten better since then, with one exception.

League gives up a sac fly to score one run, then serves up a two-run double to Mark Trumbo, cutting our lead to 8-5.

It physically hurt to listen to this potential debacle unfold.

But luckily, Mattingly saw the error of his ways in time (instead of his usual waiting ’til it’s too late) and brought in Kenley Jansen to save the day.

The Dodgers held on to win, 8-5.