Brian WilsonBrandon LeagueIt seems as if Brian Wilson and Brandon League have switched bodies, like “Freaky Friday” or “All of Me.”

League has been lights out the last four times he’s pitched, and if that ain’t freaky, I don’t know what is.

As for Wilson, I’m embarrassed to share his name. If he is hurt, he should let someone know. If he isn’t hurt, he’s just bad! And he is showing no signs of getting better.

OK, League. I’m giving you another chance. I’ll save my boos for the Beard from the Bay.

Luckily, the Dodgers managed to overcome Wilson’s terrible outing, which saw a 7-3 Dodger lead turn into a 7-6 edge. He only gave up one hit, but unfortunately, it was a 3-run round trip. The Marlins tied it in the next inning, and the game went into extra innings.

Carl Crawford made his case for All-Star write-in candidate with a pinch-hit 2-run dinger in the 11th, giving the Dodgers their 18th win of the season.