potterwonderful-life cartoon

The situation is bleak, folks, with regard to the Dodgers coming back to our TV sets. We are getting desperate, but we can’t give in. We must resist the urge to submit to the forces of greed and shameless arrogance.

Time Warner wants us to come begging, like George Bailey to Mr. Potter. We won’t do that. We must not do that.

We need a guardian angel to keep us strong and put things in perspective for us, and that role might be played in this production by my friend, Los Angeles Times columnist Chris (you can call him “Clarence”) Erskine.

He is organizing a fan rebellion, and he has gathered nearly 1,000 signatures on a petition to urge Time Warner Cable and the Dodgers ownership group to get off their asses and do something to get the team back on everyone’s TV sets. If you’re sick and tired of the bullying, sign the petition here.

Chris wrote about the situation in today’s Times. Here is an excerpt:


While I am wholeheartedly on board with the uprising, I do not at all think a la carte pricing is the answer to our problems. I know, in a restaurant, I only order a la carte if someone else is buying. If I’m picking up the tab, I’ll get the combo plate every time. If I don’t like the steamed cauliflower, I just won’t eat it.

So stand tough, Dodger fans. Don’t give in and switch to Time Warner! Don’t call your provider and urge them to accept TWC’s terrorist demands! That’s not your job. And it’s not DirecTV’s fault that $tan Ka$ten and Guggenheim Partners conned Time Warner into a stupidly terrible deal. It’s hard to be without Vin and the Boys in Blue in our living rooms, but it’s better than letting Mr. Potter win.