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Freddie Freeman has a boo-boo.

Freddie Freeman has a boo-boo.

After all the brouhaha about the Braves’ Freddie Freeman beating out our own Yasiel Puig for the Final Vote to the All-Star Game, Freeman isn’t even going to play. Poor baby, hurt his thumb.

Yasiel Puig

Yasiel Puig

Geez, Louise! Man up! At least make an appearance in the game, you wimp.

Puig wouldn’t let his achy hip keep him out of it.

The rain may be metaphorical, but the sentiment is accurate.

The rain may be metaphorical, but the sentiment is accurate.

I’m getting kind of tired talking about how unreliable a pitcher Brandon League is. Why do they keep putting him in there with only a two-run lead? It’s insane!

He’s had a few saves lately, but that’s only because some double play or spectacular throw saved his bacon. He is, and has been for most of his time with the Dodgers, D-O-N-E, done.

Kevin Kennedy says he wouldn’t trade League, which surprised me, but I was listening on the car radio and had to enter the 2nd Street tunnel, so I didn’t get to hear why he would stick with a pitcher who can no longer hurl with reliability unless it’s a 5-run or more lead.

It’s very sad how very bad the Dodgers are this year. Every little glimmer of hope is quickly crushed, and even the Havana Hosanna ain’t gonna save them.

There’s always next year, right?

laWell, you can’t win them all, but it says something that it seemed like they could. Yesterday’s hopelessness has transformed into today’s optimism.

If Mark Ellis had taken that last pitch for a ball, he would have gotten on base and Puig would have won the game for us. We would have won the series (which we still may), and we would have had a three-game winning streak to defend.

The fact that that scenario seemed completely possible means the Dodgers may have turned a corner.

Unless Puig is hurt. Then all bets are off.