We shouldn't be surprised the Lucy is wearing Dodger blue.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Lucy is wearing Dodger blue.

Yasiel Puig

Yasiel Puig

So, for two days, Yasiel Puig was the Great Blue Hope, coming in just in time to save a horrible, injury-plagued season. But just like Lucy with the football, the Dodgers have fooled us Charlie Browns again.

Why do we fall for it every time? We should know by now that the Dodgers of today are the most heartbreaking baseball team since the Dodgers of Brooklyn before 1955.

Perhaps it is the ongoing relationship with Frank McCourt that has jinxed the team’s chance of ever satisfying fully. No question that man is toxic, and the fact that the Guggenheim Partnership will defend to the death their right not to really tell fans how much they are paying him proves that they are owners with no morals, no respect for the intelligence of their fan base, and something to hide.

I have worked for people like that, and I know how frustrating it is to toil day after day, doing the best you can for people you can’t trust. I wasn’t getting millions for it, but the principle’s the same.

Bad karma is just bad karma, and there ain’t nobody you can bring up from AA Chattanooga that will cure that.